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Testimonials for Quontic Bank

"Mr. Lombardo was a pleasure to work with. His combination of positive attitude, wise understanding of various pictures, and no nonsense approach really get things done. Our project was non standard and a little complicated and we eventually made a fine deal for everyone and are grateful for the positive experience."

By Randy Polumbo. Date: 2/6/17

"Excellent service! Fabulous staff!"

By Olympia Bardis. Date: 1/24/17

"I had a mortgage [in the] commercial category. It went very smooth back in 2011. I am very pleased with customer [service] I received in Quontic Bank. I thank this bank and all the people in this bank. They are courteous and very helpful. I would refer people to this bank, especially for mortgages. It's very hard to get commercial loans, but the loan officer was very helpful and made it easier than other companies that I had dealt with. They made it easier in every way they were able to and gave me simple instructions. And tellers, customer service and the manager, they were very helpful when I was in a wheelchair."

By Christine Maounis. Date: 1/19/17

"It was such a pleasure working with Andrew. He's extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. He has made every step in the process of working with Quontic Bank enjoyable, easy and great. I'm looking forward to continue working with Quontic Bank and with Andrew in particular. I highly recommend him!!"

By Dani Kates. Date: 1/19/17

"Abdul Rehman is very professional. It never happened that he did not receive my call. One thing I like about him: you tell him something and you don't need to repeat it and remind him. He knows his job!"

By Moiz and Rukhasana Virani. Date: 1/12/17

"Looking back at my home purchase experience, I can only imagine how much more difficult obtaining a mortgage would have been if not for Kimberly's help. I first started out with my credit union and was warned by my real estate agent that the process would be more difficult if I take that route. He was right. Kimberly was always available beyond 9-5 to answer any questions myself, my agent or even the selling agent may have. In fact, as a 5 percent down buyer, I credit Kimberly for making the deal with my current house possible. She informed the selling agent that all my information was accurate and verified and reassured her that the loan would be approved. This is not something that would have been possible with a credit union's limited accessibility. I found Kimberly's personable nature to be exceptional and would feel comfortable recommending her to anyone I know."

By Josian Anazagasty. Date: 1/16/17

"This is the second loan that I got with the support of Abdul Rehman. He is very professional and always does his best to help me in the whole mortgage process. Furthermore, when I just got my first loan with him, he made one of my dreams come true, which was to get a loan to purchase my first house. Hence, I trust in him and that's the reason I decided to use his service to get another loan to purchase my second house. In fact, Abdul is not just an excellent professional, but he is also a great human being."

By Henry E. Silva. Date: 12/26/16

"I am delighted to write this testimonial on the behalf of Ms. Vasiliki Athanasopoulos. Ms. Athanasopoulos was my loan officer. She was committed and dedicated to the process of me being the proud owner of my cooperative apartment. There were moments where I felt like I could give up, but her commitment and dedication gave me encouragement to endure. She is indeed an asset to your company!"

By Enzeri Kirlew. Date: 12/22/16

"Huge thank you to Abdul Rehman from Quontic Bank for everything he did for us when going through the mortgage process to buy our new home. He didn't stop even when he was out of work hours. He made the whole process easy and worry-free, communicating with us the whole way through. The professionalism and efficiency throughout was above and beyond and because of Abdul we are now proud homeowners. Thank you so much once again! We are forever humble and grateful for your excellent service. We will highly recommend Abdul to any of our family and friends."

By Conor McKenna. Date: 12/19/16

"When we began our search for the perfect home, it was easy. Finding the right loan officer was not; that is until we met Vasiliki. She made the process quick, easy and painless, but most importantly, Vasiliki put us first; our needs mattered; what we wanted mattered. Best of all, V explained everything so we could understand the entire process and be certain of our choices. She facilitated our dreams into becoming a reality. We are forever grateful to V and the personal attention she provided to us. Purchasing our dream home would not have been possible if it weren't for V's guidance. Thanks, V, for everything!"

By Jennifer Silva and Gilberto Rivas. Date: 12/13/16

"My family and I would like to thank Abdul Rehman for all of his help during the loan process. My mortgage was a complicated and difficult one; but your hard work and dedication to my loan paid off in the end. Anyone I know who needs a home or business loan will be calling you first!"

By Parvinder Singh. Date: 12/5/16

"Angel Cartagena was exceptional. As a first-time homebuyer he guided me through this home mortgage process. He was always available for any questions and very responsive to our needs. I would like to say without a doubt that Angel was the key to the purchase of my new home. He worked hard for me and my family. People like Angel are hard to find. My family and I were extremely lucky to have him on our side. The experience was as positive as it possibly could have been."

By Grisel Erstein. Date: 11/29/16

"Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have met Vasiliki. I was lost and had no clue of how to find a trustworthy loan officer until I sat down with Vasiliki. She is honest, trustworthy, qualified and most of all, patient. She went out of her way to meet my needs, answering all my questions and always being available for me whether via phone, fax or email. I would not have had the same experience with any other loan officer and I am so pleased I had her on my side. I am so thankful and impressed with her swift services. Highly qualified and recommended!"

By Konstantinos Kyritsis. Date: 11/18/16

"Joseph Allen is great; the loan process was smooth and everything was explained to us. We will return again for our banking needs."

By Joel Guzman. Date: 11/18/16


By Emmanuel Hirakis. Date: 11/17/16

"This is to express our thanks and gratitude to Mr. Abdul Rehman without whose help our mortgage might not have been possible. As a first-time homebuyer and someone without a banking or financial background, his assistance was very handy and insightful. He was so patient and willing to answer any of our queries and doubts even if it was very basic. We sincerely appreciate his help and efforts throughout this journey!"

By Vandana Maheshwari. Date: 11/10/16

"We were extremely satisfied with all aspects of our mortgage application. The experience was completely positive. We would recommend Quontic Bank and George Stilianudakis to anyone applying for a mortgage."

By Andy Floricic. Date: 11/9/16

"Mrs. Vasiliki is absolutely amazing. She's extremely informative and knowledgeable; very responsive and an easy person to work with. I look forward to working with Vasiliki in the future. I will recommend and refer her to all of my clients for all their mortgage needs. Vasiliki, thank you for being such a great mortgage broker. Keep up the great job!"

By Mariya Fuzaylova, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Douglas Elliman. Date: 11/4/16

"Mr. Abdul Rehman is really perfect in his job. He knows everything about his job. He knows how to satisfy customers faced with a loan delay. In the end, I say he is perfect and an honest man. Thanks for everything!"

By Manjit Singh. Date: 11/2/16

"Joseph Allen is an unique loan officer. He's very detailed explaining the process and very precise when requesting documents. We felt very confident by having him as our loan officer. If I have to recommend him, I would definitely do it. Joseph is the best!"

By Yesenia Bustamante. Date: 11/2/16

"Vasiliki is not only an amazing asset to the mortgage industry but an amazing person. Vasiliki was calm and peaceful throughout the long process of purchasing my first home. It was the pleasant disposition and clear direction that made a stressing process as easy as possible."

By Thomas Amore. Date: 10/31/16

"Abdul has always explained things very well related to our loan process. Abdul was always available to answer any questions whenever we called him, even if it was after office hours. Highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Thank you for everything."

By Rupali Dhiman. Date: 10/27/16

"Anthony West and Quontic team went the extra mile in working for me. Thank you!!!"

By Salem Almardeai. Date: 10/25/16

"George Stilianudakis was courteous and professional throughout the entire loan process. I have dealt with other mortgage professionals in the past with false promises. However, George from day one gives you the good, the bad and the ugly. He explained to me everything on the first day and answered my questions to the fullest. I would recommend George to anyone wanting a smooth mortgage process."

By Elvis Tominovic. Date: 10/12/16

"My experience with Quontic Bank has been GREAT! The staff has guided me and helped with every step in my financing process. I look forward to working with Mr. George Stilianudakis and the amazing staff at Quontic Bank again! Thank you for your amazing service, George & staff!"

By Fabrizio Randazzo. Date: 10/11/16

"My name is Mike Rosati and I am a retired United States Marine. I served just over eight and a half years in the United States Marine Corps and had the greatest honor of serving beside some of America’s finest special operations men, as a team member within the very seldom publicized, Marine Force Reconnaissance Company./p>

During my combat tour of duty in Iraq in 2004-2005, I was wounded. In 2006, I was formally retired from my military career due to physical injuries sustained in combat. Like many Veterans, I did not have much direction anymore. While undergoing healing, both emotionally and physically, it took me many years to rediscover myself and find my own personal worth again.

In 2011 my wife Cristina and I relocated back to New York from where we were living in Florida. During those initial months back, I decided to take a huge calculated risk and go to school and follow my life long dreams of being in medicine. Over the next four years, we decided that we should start the arduous process of trying to own our own home to raise our family. As a full-time student, being retired from the military, I found it to be very difficult to find a financial institution that would take the time and effort to work with us.

It was at this time that I contacted my high school buddy, Mike Bocelli. Over those next several months, Mike worked day in and day out along side of the Quontic Bank team to help us achieve our dream, of finally having the American dream and owning our own home.

It is to you folks, in which I am truly grateful. To my friend Mike, who never quit and did everything within his ability help us out. We have a saying within our creed as Reconnaissance Marines: “To quit is to surrender, to give up is to fail…sacrificing personal comforts…to overcome and adapt and to do whatever it takes to complete the mission.” It is there, in those words, that I personally thank all of you Quontic Bank team, which never quit and believed in honor and perseverance.

In closing, on behalf of my grateful family, and myself, I salute each and every one of you that made this outcome possible. Veterans like myself contribute to the freedoms that as Americans, we enjoy. However, all of you contributed to a freedom for my family; the freedom to have a place that we can call home."

By Michael J. Rosati Jr., Sergeant, USMC, Retired. Date: 8/20/16

"It is professionals such as you, George Stilianudakis, that enhance our business. We as brokers pride itself on this kind of professionalism. I look forward to many more opportunities to work together."

By Danny Laniado, Broker Associate, Re/Max. Date: 8/29/13


Abdul and Conor McKenna
"We will highly recommend Abdul to any of our family and friends," said Conor McKenna, a Quontic Bank mortgage customer.

Quontic Bank customers Carlos Avila and Luz Alvarez with VP/senior mortgage lending officer Joseph Allen.
Quontic Bank customers Carlos Avila and Luz Alvarez with VP/senior mortgage lending officer Joseph Allen.

Quontic Bank's George Stilianudakis with mortgage customers Emmanuel and Elaine Hirakis. Quontic Bank's George Stilianudakis with mortgage customers Emmanuel and Elaine Hirakis.

Abdul Rehman and Vandana Maheshwari
When first-time homebuyer Vandana Maheshwari needed a mortgage, she chose Quontic Bank and senior loan officer Abdul Rehman.

Salem Almardeai and loan officer Anthony West
Quontic Bank customer Salem Almardeai and loan officer Anthony West.

Andy and Tatiana Floricic with George Stilianudakis
Andy and Tatiana Floricic with George Stilianudakis, vice president, mortgage lending branch manager at Quontic Bank.

Abdul Rehman and mortgage customer Manjit Singh
Quontic Bank senior loan officer Abdul Rehman and mortgage customer Manjit Singh.

Quontic Bank's Edward Lombardo helped Mohammed H. & wife successfully refinance their loan. Quontic Bank's Edward Lombardo helped Mohammed H. & wife successfully refinance their loan.


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