Quontic Bank Executives

Welcome to Quontic!

We know you’re busy, so that’s why we’ve made banking quick and simple. We don’t have a bank on every corner, but as the Adaptive Digital Bank®, we’re able to put a bank in every pocket. Quontic is committed to providing you with unparalleled customer service and financial expertise to get you closer to your financial goals from providing small business loans to convenient online banking. We are here to support you and make your banking experience hassle-free.

Senior Executives

Meet the leaders who are surpassing customer expectations and innovating new technology in banking.

Utilizing extensive experience, knowledge, and creativity, Quontic’s leadership team is paving the way for customer-centric banking nationwide. We prioritize our customers by ensuring that their banking experience is efficient and effective. Our focus is to innovate ways to better the banking industry and enhance technological advancements to help our customers achieve a better financial future.

Steven Schnall - Chairman & CEO

Steven Schnall

Chairman & CEO

George Lazaridis - Mortgage Lending Division President & CLO

George Lazaridis

Mortgage Lending Division President & CLO
Patrick Sells - Chief Innovation Officer

Patrick Sells

Chief Innovation Officer

Donald M. Frain - President & COO

Donald M. Frain

President & CFO

Our History

From Small Beginnings to a National Brand

In 2009, Steven Schnall purchased Golden First Bank with the vision to create a financial institution built upon a solid foundation of excellence and service. Upon acquisition, Schnall gathered a new team of experts, invested fresh capital, and renamed the institution Quontic Bank, meaning “real” quality.

Quontic became a CDFI in 2016 and recognized this as a momentous opportunity to serve the underbanked and perpetuate its vision of providing excellent service. In 2018, Quontic expanded its vision even further by rebranding itself as Quontic, the Adaptive Digital Bank®, with a focus on using technology to elevate the financial strength of its customers. 

Now headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Quontic continues to spread its high standards, exceptional customer service, and caliber around the nation.