Quontic Bank
why would your community need another bank? maybe it's ready for something better. quontic bank is an entrepreneurial bank focused on the customer experience. we offer all the great banking services you expect, but more importantly, we're here to treat you and your business in a manner you're probably not accustomed to — with courtesy and respect.

competitively-priced banking

we offer a wide array of very competitively-priced personal and business loan and deposit products.

better rates

our deposit rates are among the highest in the industry. whether you are banking with us locally or via the internet, you can be assured that you will always earn a very competitive rate on your deposits.

more lending flexibility

we're here to make loans. when other banks say they can't, we work with you to find a way and if not, we'll help you understand why. that's how it's supposed to work.

surcharge-free ATMs

if you need ATMs everywhere, we're part of the allpoint® network of 37,000 surcharge-free ATMs
all over the country.

real service

friendly, personal interaction is what makes businesses succeed in every neighborhood.
it works with banking too. you're going to enjoy dealing with us because we're going to treat you like a valued customer.

fresh capital

as a newly capitalized bank with no legacy toxic assets, our balance sheet is secure.
and, of course, your deposits are FDIC insured as well. that's a good feeling.

we're ready to be a real banking partner with you or your business.
so if you'd rather have a voice at your bank, come in and talk to us.
we'll give you our full attention.

Steven Schnall
chairman and CEO
quontic bank