NEW YORK — Quontic Bank is the first community bank in the United States to partner with the Toronto-based fintech.

Sensibill‘s Receipts is now available in the Quontic Bank Mobile app, making Quontic Bank the first community bank in the United States to partner with the Toronto-based fintech and provider of the award-winning receipts management solution.

Receipts has been rolled out to users of the Quontic Bank Mobile app for both Apple
(iOS) and Google Android smartphone users.

This free tool allows Quontic Bank customers to capture their receipts using their smartphone camera, or email them to the service directly. It will allow users to track their spending and categorize expenses, reconcile their receipts with statements, and export them for invoicing or accounting purposes – solving pain points that plague any budget-conscious person.

“Receipts is a great way for customers to easily track expenses in our Quontic Bank Mobile app,” said Steven Schnall, chairman and CEO of Quontic Bank. “This innovation from Sensibill is in step with our vision of a next generation banking experience

In November 2017, Quontic Bank announced its partnership with Sensibill to offer Receipts to all customers using the Quontic Bank Mobile app. Just months later, the free tool is now live.

“It is important to enable community banks to keep pace with innovation. At Sensibill, we’ve always believed that collaboration between banks and fintechs will drive innovation, so we’re proud to play a role in furthering Quontic Bank’s digital agenda,” said Corey Gross, CEO and co-founder at Sensibill.

Sensibill’s Receipts won “Best In Show” at Finovate Fall 2017, a financial-tech trade show in New York.

“It’s great to see another Finovate alumni success story. Two months after our audience awarded Sensibill ‘Best In Show,’ it partnered with Quontic Bank and then took Receipts live in its banking app only five months later,” said Greg Palmer, vice president of Finovate and emcee of the annual conference. “Kudos to Sensibill on putting out a great product and to Quontic Bank for identifying innovative technologies.”

About Quontic Bank

Quontic Bank is a Member FDIC bank, headquartered in New York City and located in a growing number of states. We offer everything from checking and savings accounts to small business loans and home mortgages, as well as online and mobile banking. Our goal is to provide 5-star customer service while making banking easy and the mortgage process hassle-free. Learn more at

About Sensibill

Sensibill works with the most innovative global financial institutions to solve their customers’ pain point of managing receipts. The solution is designed to address the needs of self-employed professionals and business owners, while unlocking deep purchase insights across all payment methods. Founded in 2013, the company is the market leader in extracting data from receipts using machine learning techniques. The service is fully white-labeled and built specifically to meet bank requirements. To find out more, visit, or connect with us on

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