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Program Highlights

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Here are a few program highlights to help you assess whether or not a Condo/Co-Op is right for you.
  • For purchase & refinance
  • Choice of fixed & adjustable rates
  • Investor & sponsor-owned OK
  • Flexible debt service ratio calculation
  • Asset depletion product available
  • Foreign National borrowers welcome
  • Will finance first unit sold (no pre-sale required)
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Condo & Co-op Loan Solutions

Unlike traditional mortgages, when you finance a co-op apartment there is no property deed involved. Instead, your co-op loan, or “share loan”, is used to buy shares of stock in a housing cooperative corporation which owns the building in which your desired apartment is located. Owning shares in the co-op corporation results in your being granted a long-term exclusive lease, or “Proprietary Lease”, on an apartment in the building. As a shareholder, or partial owner in the co-op corporation, you will be responsible to pay a monthly maintenance fee which covers your pro-rata portion of the building’s property taxes, interest expense, insurance costs and operating expenses.

Because co-ops are somewhat more complex that other types of real estate, not all lenders offer co-op loans, but Quontic is a community bank headquartered in New York City—where co-ops are abundant. As such, we understand the ins and outs of co-op lending and have developed a range of borrowing solutions specifically for these unique properties.

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October 17, 2019