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Abdul Rehman

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID: 68151

As a senior loan officer at Quontic Bank's Astoria headquarters, Abdul Rehman provides his clients the information necessary to make confident decisions about financing their dreams. With more than 20 years of experience in home mortgages, Abdul has the skills and expertise to meet all of his clients’ borrowing needs. To ensure customer satisfaction, he provides a very thorough, yet timely approach to meet his client’s goals and build lasting relationships.

Originally from Pakistan, Abdul is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Abdul holds a B.S. in finance from Brooklyn College, as well as a master of economics degree from The University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. Outside of the office, Abdul enjoys spending time with his family. He also serves as vice chairman of the Pakistani American Community of Long Island and is an active member of the Asian American Heritage Month Celebration committee in Nassau County, N.Y.


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Testimonials for Abdul

"I am very proud to say that Mr. Rehman made it easy to get my first mortgage. He went through each and every step without making it nerve-wracking. His communication via email and phone was amazing. Every time I needed to discuss any issue he responded quickly. He guided me in the beginning about the whole process and walked me right through easily. Overall, I would love to say that the team made my homebuying experience easy and simple."

By Monika C. Date: 5/1/18

"Abdul Rehman treats his clients as family. I have worked with him two times. He takes that extra step in helping to make things happen. His professionalism , guidance, and patience made me feel at ease through the stressful process. I want thank Abdul for his honesty and time. I recommend him for all your loan needs. He makes the impossible possible with his expertise advice! THANK YOU! "

By Muhammad N. Date: 4/11/18

"After a couple of overwhelming experiences with other mortgage divisions, Abdul Rehman was recommended by a friend. Right from the outset I was very glad I decided to contact him as he was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Abdul has a wealth of experience. From start to finish, Abdul and his team really made us feel we were in safe hands. We would definitely use Quontic Bank and work with them in the future. "

By Kieran S. Date: 4/7/18

"Abdul helped me through the entire process to help me get a home loan. He treated all of my problems as if it was his problem and helped me through it. I really appreciate all the help and concern. Thank you for excellent service!"

By Kamrul H. Date: 4/5/18

"I worked with Abdul on closing a couple of loans in the past. All of them have been very smooth and fast. Abdul is very straight on what can be achieved, which I like in a person. I have and will recommend Abdul to my friends and family because I know he will take care of them too. I hope to be working with Abdul on a new adventure soon."

By John M. Date: 2/27/18

"It was a great experience while doing business with Quontic Bank. Mr. Abdul Rehman is very calm, honest and helpful. He provided us the best guidance throughout the process of the home loan. He was always available for any queries. I highly recommend Quontic Bank to all my friends and relatives."

By Kulbir S. Date: 2/13/18

"Mr. Abdul Rehman, his communication and follow-through allowed my deal to happen. When I heard about Quontic Bank online, I was skeptical that it could be true. I met with Mr. Abdul Rehman with my brother Shantilal Menaria and the way Abdul explained, he made this deal so easy for us. He was fabulous. I would recommend him and Quontic Bank to my family and my friends because it's not just about loans, but the service and expectation you get from this is excellent. I truly appreciate and think Mr. Abdul and Quontic Bank for this loan to happen. Thank you."

By Shashikant M. Date: 1/26/18

"Buying your first home can be a challenging journey and without the proper guidance you can find yourself confused and disorientated. During my journey, I was lucky enough to have met senior loan officer Abdul Rehman from Quontic Bank. He guided me through the entire process and advised me of what to expect in the future. Abdul was always available every time I needed help with the required documents for my mortgage loan, he provided assistance even when he was thousands of miles away. My family and I cannot be thankful enough for all he has done for us. I just want to say thank you for your time, patience and for making this an easier experience."

By Luis F. Date: 1/10/18

"Very good service. Very satisfied. Abdul Rehman helped me out with every step of the process. I will be back to Quontic Bank. Great service and great employees. I am happy to be a part of the family."

By Sarbjit S. Date: 12/27/17

"Great service! My mortgage experience wasn't going great until I came to Quontic Bank. With the help and determination from Abdul and his team, I was able to close my deal. Quontic Bank ensured me that the process would be handled correctly and in a timely matter. Abdul and his team answered every question I had diligently and treated me with the utmost respect. I can't wait to work with Quontic Bank again and especially with Abdul. "

By Mohammad A. Date: 12/8/17

"Abdul Rehman was the best to work with. He was patient, responsive, professional, accessible and guided me every step of the mortgage process. These qualities were especially important for a first-time homebuyer such as myself. Abdul truly went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition to homeownership for me."

By Mir I. Date: 11/13/17

"Abdul Rehman has been helpful and professional throughout the mortgage process for the purchase of our property. We enjoyed the service we got due to immediate response time to all emails and telephone. "

By Faraz & Aliza K. Date: 11/8/17

"Thank you for your amazing service! Mr. Rehman was very patient in working with us as we were first-time buyers. Thank you for your patience, thank you for your flexibility, and above all, guidance!"

By Amina V. Date: 9/12/17

"Abdul Rehman has been helpful throughout the whole mortgage process. He was available on weekends when I had time available. He was always straightforward with the facts. I appreciate all that he has done and the time he takes out to help whenever I had requested it. He advised through the beginning about the whole process when we had absolutely no knowledge; showed us step-by-step process of the whole loan process and I am really thankful for all he has done."

By Muhammad A. & Danyal A. Date: 9/6/17

"I need a loan for my first house. My agent gave me a few mortgage banker contacts. I called all the contacts and I feel that Mr. Abdul Rehman is a very nice and professional person. He asked my situation and some documents from me at first. He confirmed me that I can get a loan with a day after evaluate my profile. I am satisfied with the efficiency. He invited me to his office for further discussion. He immediately answered my questions and patiently explained the mortgage concept that I don't understand when I visited the office. He is very responsive in the whole process. I remember I texted him one time asking if he can call me and he returned my call very soon. That was at midnight! Finally, I got my mortgage approved. I even got a very low interest rate. This couldn't be done without Mr. Abdul's work. Overall, I am very satisfied with the mortgage process. I would definitely recommend Quontic Bank and Mr. Abdul Rehman."

By William Z. Date: 3/12/17

"Abdul Rehman is very professional. It never happened that he did not receive my call. One thing I like about him: you tell him something and you don't need to repeat it and remind him. He knows his job!"

By Moiz and Rukhasana V. Date: 1/12/17

"I was fortunate and blessed to be introduced to Abdul Rehman when going through the process of applying for our mortgage to buy our new home. He was very professional and efficient working with my son and I diligently in every process to make our experience as a first-time buyer a smooth one. It was very nerve-racking, but he did everything in his power to ease my nervousness. I can't thank him enough for communicating with us in every step of the way until the end; even checking up on us after we moved into the house. With service like this, there is no question about recommending him to family and friends. Thank you!"

By Patty H. Date: 1/6/17

"This is the second loan that I got with the support of Abdul Rehman. He is very professional and always does his best to help me in the whole mortgage process. Furthermore, when I just got my first loan with him, he made one of my dreams come true, which was to get a loan to purchase my first house. Hence, I trust in him and that's the reason I decided to use his service to get another loan to purchase my second house. In fact, Abdul is not just an excellent professional, but he is also a great human being."

By Henry S. Date: 12/26/16

"Huge thank you to Abdul Rehman from Quontic Bank for everything he did for us when going through the mortgage process to buy our new home. He didn't stop even when he was out of work hours. He made the whole process easy and worry-free, communicating with us the whole way through. The professionalism and efficiency throughout was above and beyond and because of Abdul we are now proud homeowners. Thank you so much once again! We are forever humble and grateful for your excellent service. We will highly recommend Abdul to any of our family and friends."

By Conor M. Date: 12/19/16

"Thank you, Mr. Rehman for making our dreams come true! We never thought we would become homeowners, but because of your help, support and guidance we were able to make it happen! I realize that I may have pushed you to the edge at times because of my lack of knowledge about the process and I want to thank you for being patient with me. If the opportunity ever comes up again, I would not hesitate to deal with you again. Thank you once again."

By Abdullah R. Date: 12/16/16

"My family and I would like to thank Abdul Rehman for all of his help during the loan process. My mortgage was a complicated and difficult one; but your hard work and dedication to my loan paid off in the end. Anyone I know who needs a home or business loan will be calling you first!"

By Parvinder S. Date: 12/5/16

"This is to express our thanks and gratitude to Mr. Abdul Rehman without whose help our mortgage might not have been possible. As a first-time homebuyer and someone without a banking or financial background, his assistance was very handy and insightful. He was so patient and willing to answer any of our queries and doubts even if it was very basic. We sincerely appreciate his help and efforts throughout this journey!"

By Vandana M. Date: 11/10/16

"Mr. Abdul Rehman is really perfect in his job. He knows everything about his job. He knows how to satisfy customers faced with a loan delay. In the end, I say he is perfect and an honest man. Thanks for everything!"

By Manjit S. Date: 11/2/16

"Abdul has always explained things very well related to our loan process. Abdul was always available to answer any questions whenever we called him, even if it was after office hours. Highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Thank you for everything."

By Rupali D. Date: 10/27/16

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